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Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review

Hello, Everyone Today I am Introducing Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review.

Nail Enamels do not get enough credit for making your nails look pretty. Nails are just as important as the other parts of your body and who does not want to flaunt their beautiful colorful nails? Nail enamels add up to your outfits and the entire look.

If you want to look your best, then you need to make sure that you have chosen the right nail enamel shade to pair it up with your outfit.

Nail enamels do not just decorate your toenails and fingernails but they also protect the nail plates. Nail enamels were first originated in China and gold and silver colors were mostly preferred by the Royals then they were replaced with red and black, right now there are more color options than ever.

The enamels also come in different finishes which range from matte to glossy finish. This brings us to one of the best nail enamels in town right now. That is Nykaa’s Insta Dry nail enamel.

The hassle of waiting for your nail enamel to dry will not be one of your concerns with this one. Let us dive deeper and have an in-depth review of this product. So, here is a detailed Nykaa Insta Dry Nail enamel review.

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel: Why Is It Better?

Nykaa always brings us treats by introducing its new ranges of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products. And they always come with something new. Similarly, they have introduced a range of nail enamels that stand out from the other nail enamels due to their fast-drying quality.

In our busy lives, we do not have the luxury to spend time waiting around for our fingernails and toenail enamels to dry. So, these nail enamels come with a formula that dries off instantly making your nails ready to flaunt in less than a few seconds.

Product Description

Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel uses a unique formula and it is something every nail enthusiast needs to get their hands on. The product comes in a variety of shades and these are available for all moods.

Here’s a little more information about the product

  • Dries off super fast
  • Glossy finish
  • The product is available in 28 shades
  • Impressive range of colors
  • Vibrant color pay-off
  • Resistant to Sanitizer
  • Flawless coverage
  • Chip and smudge-proof
  • Shock-resistant
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free,cruelty-free, and vegan.

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Available Shades

The Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel comes in 28 shades and they range from fruity-fresh pastel colors to dark, bold, and bright colors like red and other such darker shades. This makes the nail enamel suitable for girls of all age groups, skin tones, and preferences.

The pastel shades have been very popular during the summer season. You can go for the shade that matches your outfit as you will never run out of choices with this nail enamel. There are 6 sub-categories in the shade chart these are nudes, muted pastels, pastels, brights, pinks, and experimental, which consist of the darkest shades.

Shelf life

The Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel has a shelf life of 3 years which is pretty long in comparison to nail enamels that are offered by many other brands in the market.

Features of Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel

  • The nail enamel has impressed people with its flawless coverage
  • The nail enamel has been tried and tested to not chip, fade, or smudge.
  • It has a long-wearing formula that dries off quickly within a few seconds.
  • The meticulous balance of solvents speeds up the time to dry up the nail enamel.
  • The nail enamel has acrylic resin.

How To Apply Nykaa Insta Dry Enamel?

Now let’s talk about The correct way to use the Nykaa Insta Dry Enamel is as follows:

  • You are advised to use a nail primer before applying the nail enamel to your nails.
  • Rotate the glass bottle between your hands and be careful not to shake it.
  • Keep your nails dry and clean before using the Nykaa Insta Dry nail Enamel.
  • Apply one coat of Nail enamel.
  • Let it sit and dry for 60 seconds.

You can remove the nail enamel with nail enamel removers.

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is Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Good For Oily Skin?

The Nykaa Insta Dry oil enamel has been tested to be suitable for all skin types. Moreover, you would be using this on your fingernails and toenails, so it will have little to no effect on your skin whatsoever. So you can consider Nykaa Insta Dry Nail enamel good for oily skin and all other skin types too.

Selecting Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel

Nail enamels have become a beauty essential and one’s look just won’t ever be complete without this touch-up.

  • What is important while choosing the right nail enamel for you is that you need to have good knowledge regarding your skin tone. This helps you choose the perfect shade of nail enamel for any occasion.
  • The second factor that comes to play during choosing a nail enamel, is the kind of outfit you are planning to wear. The nail enamel needs to compliment the outfit you are wearing so that you will be able to get the perfect look.
  • Based on that, you can decide the kind of finish you would want from your nail enamel, usually, nail enamels have a glossy finish but nowadays they are available with a matte and glittery finish too.
  • known skin is the main step to finding the suitable nail enamel for you. It could be really difficult to choose from, so you need to know what goes with you and your personality and the way you want to present yourself.

Keeping all the above points in mind you need to choose the nail enamel for yourself.

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Ingredients

We will talk about the ingredients, all the people who want to know what things happen to him, let’s talk.

The Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel ingredients cannot be found on the official website of Nykaa. However, it has been found that these nail enamels have not been tested on animals and it has no ingredient that has been derived from animals as well. It contains a two-fold plasticizer that prevents the nail enamel from chipping.

The nail enamel also contains a UV filter that helps in the prevention of discoloration and yellowing of the nail enamel. The three most common chemicals found in the Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel are Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde and it also excludes some of the dangerous chemicals like Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

Now, if you are asking yourself, is Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel-safe? Then we would like to tell you that it is perfectly safe as it can be inferred from the above ingredients. Is Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel paraben-free? Yes, it absolutely is. However, you are still advised to go for a patch test before applying the nail enamels.

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The nail enamel of Nykaa comes in a cute rectangular-shaped glass bottle and there is a white color cap on it which gives the entire bottle a super-cute look. You will be able to find the details related to the shade, which includes the shade name and number, on the side of the glass bottle.

The shade number can be found on the top of the white cap as well. But, there is no mention of the list of ingredients on the bottle. However, on the official website, it has been mentioned that the nail enamel is free of five harmful ingredients and it is also free of animal cruelty. The base of the bottle has information regarding the expiry date.

Uses Of Nykaa Insta Dry Nail enamel

The Nykaa Insta Dry nail enamel is used to give your nails a beautiful and colorful bright look in less than a few seconds. It also prevents and protects your nails from being damaged as this serves as a topcoat.

This product can also be used for toenails which you pair up with your outfits and shoes. The nail enamels complete the entire look.

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Benefits

  • The Nail Enamel will not let you sit around and make you wait for it to dry as it dries up in seconds.
  • It provides you with a glossy finish in seconds.
  • The nail enamel is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is alcohol-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.
  • The Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel is vegan.
  • It is water-proof, smudge-proof, shock-proof, prevents chipping, and sanitizer-proof.
  • It has a really long shelf life of three years, which means you can keep using it over and over again.
  • The nail enamel has a smooth texture and finish. It also feels light to wear and natural on your nails.
  • The nail enamel is known for its long-wearing properties.
  • The Nail enamel comes with UV protection which prevents it from yellowing and discoloring.


Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel costs Rs 199 for 9 ml which makes the products super affordable for everyone. The price is quite less, given all the good qualities and benefits it carries with itself.

Nykaa is known to make its products affordable and reasonable so that everyone is able to have access to their products.

These nail enamels can be easily found on the online Nykaa store and many other such platforms. And these nail enamels are also available in Nykaa’s official departmental stores if you want to go and try these offline and then buy the shade you like the most.

These nail enamels also go on sale, which is frequently brought to the buyers by Nykaa, so you can buy it at a much lower price online.

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Where To Buy?

You can buy the appropriate nail enamel for yourself offline but if you know what shade suits you the best it is better for you to go shopping online as you will be getting better deals online and you might get the product for a discounted price.

Pros and Cons of Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel


  • The nail enamel is Long-lasting
  • It has a Glossy finish
  • The enamel comes with a Super drying formula
  • It is Paraben-free
  • It is Cruelty-free
  • The Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel is Smudge-proof
  • It is Resistant to Sanitizer
  • The nail enamel has UV Protection
  • The nail enamel has 3 years of shelf life.


  • List of ingredients not provided on the bottle or official website
  • Less quantity for the given price
  • Packaging could be improved.

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Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Side Effects

The Nykaa Insta Dry Nail enamel has no side effects on the skin or your nails as it has been carefully made for all skin types.

And, it does not have many harmful ingredients so it is surely not going to affect your nails but you are still advised to keep it away from skin contact. Just in case, if you have very sensitive skin and you are suggested to go for a patch test before using it regularly.

The users have not complained about it having any side effects but due to lack of information on ingredients on the official website, it cannot be predicted if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients in the nail enamel. So, a patch test before usage is a must.

About Nykaa And The Brand, It Has Become

Nykaa has become the face of the Indian cosmetic, beauty, and skincare industry and it achieved the milestone in a very less time.

The e-commerce company, founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012 has now become a major e-com company. It is not limited to beauty products anymore and has branched out to many other fields such as wellness and fashion.

Nykaa has helped in launching many renowned cosmetic brands from abroad and it has also become the hub for luxury shopping for many. Apart from being an e-retailer, Nykaa has also gained popularity among its buyers for its own exquisite range of cosmetics, skincare and wellness, and beauty products.

Nykaa is also active as a major beauty and wellness content creator on YouTube where they post informational videos about beauty and skincare.

Nykaa has almost every brand on it which means that it has over 2000 brands on its website as of now, and the range of products available on the website for skincare and beauty alone is over 200,000.

Nykaa has become a frequent name in the fashion and glam industry as the products sold by Nykaa are remarkable.

The App launched by Nykaa comes with interesting updates frequently and it makes shopping online easier for the buyers. The App is easy to use and you can shop from a number of distinct categories that let you look up something you are specifically looking for.

Nykaa and its products have gained recognition all over the world and we must not forget the fact that Falguni Nayar, the founder herself has become the first female billionaire in India, and that itself speaks volumes about the brand.

Nykaa has had collaborations with popular Bollywood faces like Janhavi Kapoor and Masaba Gupta and many other fashion enthusiasts and it also gives power to content creators who make content regarding beauty, wellness, and lifestyle.

Nykaa can be one of the most successful examples of a start-up and it has skyrocketed its image and reputation as a brand and has gained the trust of many and has earned a huge number of loyal customers. All of its products are loved by the buyers and Nykaa has truly shaped the beauty and wellness market

of India into something new. This can be considered no less than a revolution in both the fashion and beauty industries.

Few Final Words

Applying nail enamel and waiting around for it to dry is the most annoying part of a manicure, but with Nykaa’s Insta Dry Nail Enamel, everything becomes much easier, and you can get the look to go for any occasion, especially if it is a last-minute party. The formula is not harmful to your nails or skin, and it is completely vegan.

The nail enamel is cruelty-free and paraben-free which makes it more lovable among beauty enthusiasts.

The nail enamel is also resistant to a sanitizer, which we frequently use these days after the pandemic. You also get UV protection which is rare in many nail enamels these days.

Getting the right enamel is also essential as these will be used by you frequently and you need to be sure that they will not be damaging your nails and the ingredients in them are not harmful to your nails or skin.

Do thorough research before buying any nail color for you and be sure that you know what suits you the best and pick the right shade according to your skin color. Given the fact that Nykaa’s Insta Dry nail enamel comes in 28 beautiful shades, you can choose your shade and gain the spotlight in your event

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