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Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash Review

Hello, People today I am back with Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash Review in 2022.

in this Detailed Review Guide, We have Discovered Several Topics.

  • Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash ingredients.
  • How to Use Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash?
  • Color, Consistency & Fragrance.
  • Price, Packaging & Shelf Life.
  • Many More.

Lets Started,

For ladies, regular beauty care products are significant, and any sort of skincare treatment can be powerful, no matter what the sort of skin a lady has.

Ubtan is known for its adequacy in handling tan. You can apply it to your body, face, and hair.

Some of the time, we lack the opportunity and time to use ubtan face pack consistently. Instead, we can use Mamaearth ubtan face wash to get an energetic appearance. Hence, today I will survey Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash With Turmeric and Saffron For Tan Removal.

Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash Ingredients

So Now let’s know about the ingredients of this product.

  • Purified Water,
  • Glycerin, Palmitic Acid,
  • Turmeric Powder,
  • Coconut Oil,
  • Saffron Extract,
  • Niacinamide,
  • Carrot Seed Oil,
  • Walnut Beads,
  • Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E),
  • Orange Oil,
  • Stearic Acid,
  • Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate,
  • Ylang Oil,
  • Licorice Extract, and Patchouli Oil.

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Made without

It contains no hurtful synthetic compounds like Sulfates, Petroleum, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Perfumes, Artificial Preservatives, and Colors.

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people are very worried about the packaging Because the proper packing of the product is very important.

It arrives in a hazy plastic tube with a flip-open cap. The white-shaded tube and green-hued cap are very close, making it spill-proof. The bundling is durable and travel-accommodating.

As a result of its thick ubtan-like consistency, the item doesn’t effectively emerge from the tube. Along these lines, it might be conveyed in a handbag while traveling. All the data like fixings, bearings for use, cost, and so forth, are referenced on the rear of the tube.

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It has an unpleasant vibe and contains a few moderate scrub granules. Subsequently, it’s like a light face scrub. It’s anything but a frothing face wash, however, the consistency of this item is a thick rich base like thick ubtan glue.

It foams up well and cleans all the soil, pollution, and oil actually from the face, and leaves it spotless.

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The item has a lovely Kesar and saffron smell. It has a gentle smell that blurs off after washing.

How to use Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash

  • Apply a coin-sized sum on the wet face.
  • Make a light foam and gently scrub with your fingers in a circular movement.
  • It’s ideal to use it two times every day for the best results.

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The brand claims it is a skin-easing-up face wash, however, I felt disheartened after the primary wash. Nonetheless, after a couple of washes, I am intrigued with the outcomes. I saw the tan eliminate from my face and my skin look lighter. It leaves my skin immaculate and more splendid.

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After involving it for a multi-week, I feel that it cleans my face and is excellent for my oily skin as it has granules in this skin chemical that peels my skin and eliminates the abundance of oil from my skin, making it an oil face.

It doesn’t dry my skin using any means. Along these lines, Mamaearth face wash is India’s best face cleaning agent for oily skin.

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash Benefits

Now, Take a look at some benefits of Mamaearth Ubtan Fash Wash.

Walnut bead is an amazing exfoliator that eliminates dead cells from the top layer of the skin to give a natural shine to the face. It leaves the skin revived and smooth.

Saffron contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin, and known for their regular skin brightening properties. It advances regular brilliance and better skin as well as alleviates the skin.

With anti-Inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Turmeric is high in antioxidants. Turmeric protects the skin naturally. It revives the skin by bringing out its natural glow while delaying premature aging.

Stearic Acid has cleaning properties that help crash soil, sweat, and excess sebum from the skin.

Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate produces a natural smooth inclination froth. It is utilized for purging and skin smoothening.

The glycerin is known for its moisturizing effect to heal – dusty, harsh & irritated skin.

Palmitic Acid is utilized for mellowing or Calming the skin. It is the most fundamental doused unsaturated fat found in creatures, plants, and microorganisms.

Niacinamide – It helps with the treatment of skin inflammation, pigmentation issues, rosacea, and maturing. It furthermore has a skin backing off the composite.

Carrot Oil is plentiful in vitamins A and E. It helps with Calming dry, dried, and hurt skin, similarly keeping up the skin’s moisture. It might likewise assist with fine wrinkle treatment. Helps remove tan and spots from the skin while revealing a natural glow.

Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E )is known for its cell reinforcement characteristics.

Licorice Extract (Yashtimadhu, is one of the most normally utilized Ayurvedic herbs. It is gotten from Licorice roots. It holds solid Calming and mitigating properties. It gives normal sun assurance and helps with controlling the skin’s oil creation.

Orange Oil lessens dull spots and fixes, controls the abundance of oil that showed up on the skin, and has antibacterial mending properties.

Patchouli Oil alleviates exacerbation, helps the speedier recuperating of wounds by stimulating the improvement of new skin, immerses unpleasant and dried skin, and diminishes the presence of defects, cuts, wounds, and scars.

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Benefits of Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash


There are no toxic synthetic compounds or parabens in this item.

  • It is made with natural ingredients.
  • Bundling that is appropriate for traveling.
  • Oil, grime, and impurities are taken out.
  • Skin is left immaculate.                         
  • It doesn’t feel dry or versatile on the skin.
  • Skin-accommodating
  • Skin is smoothed and delicate peeling is given.
  • Immediately lights up the skin
  • Diminish sun bluntness with normal use

So, Without Wasting your Time Let’s Come to the Point Directly.

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Side Effects of Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash


  • The face wash may dry your skin if it doesn’t suit you.
  • It has purging particles that might feel brutal on delicate skin.
  • It most likely will not be proper for incredibly dry or disturbed skin due to the walnut beads in it.
  • The peeling given isn’t that viable in eliminating clogged pores and whiteheads.
  • It probably won’t be reasonable for skin inflammation inclined skin as it has walnut beads(scrub particles) which might disturb the skin break out.

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It’s delivered with toxin-free, all-natural components that are appropriate for all skin types. But it may create irritation, so it’s ideal to fix the test before use. On the off chance that there should be any irritation or sensitivity, quit utilizing and advise a specialist immediately.

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The time span of usability: 2 years

Accessibility: Easy

From where to get:  Purchase online on Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, or on the official site of mama earth.

Visit This Link

Mamaearth Ubtan face wash price

INR 249 for 100 ml.

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash Review

It is a tan-eliminating face wash that likewise lights up the skin. It contains fixings like walnut beads, saffron extracts, and turmeric, which are very helpful for the skin.

It’s made included natural parts that leave my skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. It doesn’t dry out my skin. Additionally, it has little shedding beads that work on clearing out the dead skin cells.

Mamaearth ubtan tan expulsion face wash would just assist you with purifying your skin and leave your skin looking splendid and brilliant. This delicate exfoliating face wash is made with natural parts and incorporates no harsh synthetic substances. Since it is a hypoallergenic formula, it is great for all skin types. This face wash can be utilized all through any season for a sparkling, brilliant skin appearance

Item Details

Mamaearth face wash is planned with the decency of natural fixings like Saffron extracts, Walnut beads, and Turmeric. It leaves skin delicate and graceful.

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My Review on Mamaearth Ubtan normal face wash

I purchased mama earth ubtan facewash that cases tan evacuation, and it works with the first week. It goes about as a scrub since having walnut beads progressed with the respectability of saffron and turmeric. It supports the launch of stopped-up pores and leaves no buildup on my skin.

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It successfully eliminates soil, pollutants, oil, and debasements from my face. It additionally assists with easing up my tan and staining. Thus, I can say that it keeps up with my normal skin tone by shielding me from sun harm or suntan.

It is one of the most amazing facial cleaning agents for instant tan evacuation. It isn’t just eliminating tan yet additionally lights up and eases up the skin and further develops my complexion.

My skin didn’t become dry or extended after application; it is delicate and smooth. Both men & women can use it.

This normal face cleaning agent contains little scrubbing particles which give delicate peeling, and the granules are extremely sensitive, so they won’t reason any redness or irritation. Nonetheless, this face wash is anything but an extensive tan expulsion treatment; it just assists with removing everyday tan and bluntness.

It completely purges my face and eliminates all soil from my pores. It likewise kills dead skin cells without over-drying them. There are no unsafe parts in it. The outcomes are more recognizable than with a normal face wash.

The most awesome aspect of this turmeric face wash is that it fills in as an exfoliator since it has little and light particles, not excessively brutal on the skin, which helps in rubbing the face more. It eases up the skin as well as fixes sun harm.

As we all know turmeric and saffron are the significant fixings that enlighten the skin and hold brilliant magnificence, this item has been a skin guardian for me.

This tan evacuation face wash may be appropriate for blending skin with spots, dim spots, and pigmentation produced using normal fixings, for example, saffron and turmeric which are known to diminish pigmentation and advance smooth and gleaming skin.

This skin break-out frothing cream chemical is additionally appropriate for typical to dry skin, however for the very sleek skin type, charcoal facewash is much more powerful than this one.


Generally, Mamaearth ubtan face wash is a decent face cleaning agent with a lighting up and easing up impact. Mamaearth claims, there are no toxic or destructive synthetics, so if it is true, it’s a huge advantage point. Additionally, this Dermatologically tested and confirmed toxin-free face wash is certifiable, not a frothing facial cleaning agent, yet it has ubtan like surface. It is an exceptionally gentle face wash with little shedding beads and scrubbing properties that eliminate dead skin as well. It’s smooth on a superficial level and wipes out all signs of tan.

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