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L’Oreal Professional XTenso Care Shampoo Review

Hello Everyone, Today in this article we are Going to Discuss L’Oreal Professional XTenso Care Shampoo Review in 2022.

in this Detailed Review Guide, We have Discovered Several Topics.

  • LO’real Professional Xtenso Care Shampoo ingredients.
  • How to Use LO’real Professional Xtenso Care Shampoo?
  • Color, Consistency & Fragrance.
  • Price, Packaging & Shelf Life.
  • Many More

Let’s Get Started.

If you have hair issues such as hair fall or damaged hair and want to find a shampoo for straightened hair, or if you wish to find a shampoo that is appropriate for color-treated and smoother hair, you don’t need to look further.

The LO’real Professional Xtenso Care Shampoo will solve the bulk of your hair issues!

This may be the ideal option since it not only tackles a variety of hair problems but is also one of the best shampoos for straightened hair in India.

We will go through this in detail, which should address most of your questions.

What is Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology?

Keratin is a kind of protein. This unique protein is present in the nails, hair, and skin of humans. Keratin, also known as the protective protein, is stronger than other kinds of proteins and is not easily breakable.

This protein can be derived from different parts of animals like horns and even feathers. However, Pro keratin is a form of Keratin that is not derived from humans. So it is non-human in nature.

Now, as the hair goes through a number of washes, treatments, and styling tools, over time, it loses the keratin protein and thus becomes brittle and dry.

With the help of Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology, not only keratin is restored in the hair, but the in-cell technology penetrates deep inside the hair to the weakest cell of the hair. This helps in restoring the cell of the hair from within.

Now, Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology.

Benefits of Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology

Following are a few benefits of Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology.

  • Pro-Keratin makes the hair glossy and smooth
  • Pro keratin treats the texture of the hair.
  • In-cell technology treats the hair from within by treating the cells of the hair.
  • Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology, along with the botanical extracts makes for the perfect organic and chemical combo.
  • This combo makes the hair shinier, treats the dryness, and cleans the treated hair with extreme gentleness.

Now a question must be coming to your mind, what are the ingredients in L’Oreal Professional XTenso Care Shampoo?

LO’real XTenso Care Shampoo Ingredients

Following are some of the main ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycerine for extra moisturization
  • Carbomer
  • Sodium Laurel Sulphate or SLS.

However, the quantity of Sulfate in the shampoo is very low, bordering on none. This makes the shampoo the perfect Sulfate-free shampoo. Hence, it will protect the hair from getting dry and, at the same time, create good consistency of foam as well.

Now, The Next Topic that should come to your Mind is Packaging.

Packaging of LO’real XTenso Care Shampoo

The first and foremost thing anyone notices is the packaging. The bottle of the L’oreal Professionnel XTenso care shampoo is white and in a cylindrical shape.

The cap of the bottle has a mirror finish. You can hold it securely as it is not slippery and will not slip out of wet hands easily.

On the back of the bottle of the shampoo, all the important details are written, like the shelf life, the price of the product, instructions to use it, ingredients used to make it, and various other information.

The bottle looks classy, has a shine to it and the probability of shampoo leaking is quite low, making it the perfect travel shampoo as well.

To open the shampoo, you need to put pressure on the cap with your second finger. This will push the cap up, and you can shake the bottle to get the required amount of shampoo.

Now we will talk about the price because nowadays, PRICE is a very important factor for almost Everyone.

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Price of The Shampoo

In India, you will get the shampoo at somewhere around Rs. 530. You can get 250 ml at this price. While the price does seem high for the minuscule amount, what can you expect from a shampoo, especially for straightened and rebounded hair?

The next topic that we are going to talk about is Colour, Consistency, and Fragrance.

Color, Consistency, and Fragrance


It has a nice White Color and seems too thin as compared to its predecessors.


The Consistency of the shampoo is not too thick but rather watery.


The smell of the shampoo does not seem too harsh and of chemicals either. It has a pleasant smell that will remain in your hair for some time after you wash it. So get ready for good-smelling hair if you choose this shampoo.

Shelf Life of LO’real Xtenso Care Shampoo

The shelf life of the shampoo is written on the back of the container. It depends on when you purchase the shampoo to determine how long you can use it, but the shelf life is three years.

So you don’t need to worry if the product is expired; it will remain on your shelf for a long-long time. It was first made available in the market on 15 May 2020 and has been a favorite for straightened hair since then.

LO’real Professional Xtenso Care Shampoo Review

While using the shampoo, one must be sure to thoroughly wet the hair. then only the shampoo will be able to penetrate the pores of the hair. Due to the minimal amount of sulfate present in the shampoo, it lathers well and even a small amount of shampoo will feel like a lot.

After washing your hair with shampoo, your hair will look shiny, smooth, and glossy. There is no apparent hair fall or a case of frizzy hair. The shampoo gives better results when used with the Loreal masque. However, a simple conditioner from the Loreal also works well.

In case you have fine hair, try to use less shampoo and less conditioner or masque as well. The conditioner will make thin and fine hair look greasy and thus the shampoo will be rendered useless.

For users with long hair, even if more shampoo is required, use it. Go with your gut and not your budget as proper cleaning is essential. The shampoo remains one of the best for treated and straightened hair and is one of the most recommended shampoos in the salons as well.

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Loreal XTenso Conditioner Review

The loreal XTenso conditioner is to be used after using the loreal XTenso shampoo. The conditioner is a mixture of chemicals and botanical extracts, so it is not exactly organic or purely chemical.

It’s a mixture of both. The texture of this conditioner is very thick. And even though the thick texture might make it difficult for the user to thoroughly apply it in wet hair, it is all well and good as the thicker the texture, the better the results.

After using the shampoo and the conditioner consecutively, you will find that your hair has turned extremely soft, shiny. The hair becomes smooth and does not get tangled easily. It gives your hair great volume so that you can sport a straight open hair look all day.

Product Description

  • The product is anti-frizz, which means that if your hair is wavy or curly, the shampoo will respect the texture of your hair
  • It gives fluidity and shines to your hair
  • It is suitable for both treated as well as untreated hair
  • It helps in softening the unruly hair
  • It helps in preventing hair fall
  • Helps in treating irritated scalp
  • This is a cleansing shampoo specialized in cleaning the greasy scalp and dirty hair
  • The shampoo specializes in gently cleaning straightened hair. Since after straightening hair becomes a bit weak and sensitive, it’s important to take care of it by not exposing it to harsh chemicals. Another important thing to notice is that this shampoo is extremely gentle on straightened hair.
  • Pro-Keratin + incell are the active ingredients of this shampoo. Pro-Keratin is a Keratin that is non-animal. It fixes itself on the roots of the hair and helps in rebuilding the natural texture of the hair.
  • Keratin also helps in protecting the hair by maintaining its texture and giving it daily protection. On the other hand, incell particles go deep inside the fiber of the hair and protect them by filling the fragile parts of the hair. Incell protects the interior of the hair by rooting itself in the easily breakable and frangible parts of the hair. So the combination of both these particles does not only protect the hair but makes it strong from inside.
  • The professional formula of the shampoo is something very rare as it is designed by professionals for specialized purposes, which makes it ideal for treated hair and different from its competitors.

So, what are the uses of this shampoo? How can you make the best out of it? Here are a few uses to keep in mind:

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LO’real XTenso Care Shampoo Uses

When you want to sport a straight hair look

Who does not want a clean, straight, and graceful hairstyle? With the help of loreal XTenso shampoo, you will find your hair has smoothness and the ability to stay straight all day.

For lots of volume in the hair

Most of us are struggling with hair volume these days, especially people who have thin and fine hair. But with the help of this shampoo, your hair will have great volume, and hence you will be able to flaunt any hairstyle beautifully.

When you want frizz-free hair

Everyone wants to escape from bad hair days at least once a while, and with the hectic schedule most of us have, it gets very difficult to care for your hair the way it deserves to be cared for. So with this shampoo, you can say adios to frizziness in your hair.

For straight or treated hair

If you get your hair treated regularly, you must have heard your salon expert suggesting this shampoo for you. Well, they are not fools. The shampoo has pro keratin which will nourish and clean your hair without being too harsh on it.

When you have no time

For the days when you have just no time to style your hair, you can simply wash your hair and condition it with loreal XTenso products. You will find that you don’t need to style it as it will remain frizz-free, silky smooth, and untangled all day.

Let’s Discuss Some of the Benefits of this Amazing Shampoo

Loreal XTenso Shampoo Benefits

Now that you know how you can use the loreal XTenso shampoo, the question arises why you should choose it? Many shampoos have the same uses.

Here are a few advantages of choosing this shampoo that will change your mind:

  • The texture of the shampoo is very lathery and still very thin. This proves that this shampoo does not have many sulfates but is still enough to generate good quality lather.
  • The shampoo as well as the conditioner from the same range, will not weigh down on your hair. And for people with fine hair, your hair will not look greasy even if you apply conditioner after using this shampoo.
  • One of the main advantages of shampoo is that it controls frizz very nicely. For people with curly hair texture who are afraid of combing their hair after it dries, don’t worry, this shampoo will make hair not look like a bird’s nest.
  • The smell of the shampoo will remind you of expensive perfume. The smell is not chemical-Y at all and will remain in your hair even after 2 to 3 days of washing it.
  • The detangling effect of the shampoo on the hair is mystifying. It makes the hair smooth and untangles it only after one wash.
  • The shampoo is perfect for treated hair and will make the straight hair remain straight even after a wash. It is a great product for retaining the effects of treated hair.

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How To Use Loreal XTenso Shampoo?

  • The first step to using the hair is to wet your hair thoroughly.
  • The next step is to pour some shampoo on your palm and mix it well with water to create a generous amount of lather.
  • In the next step, apply that lather to the roots of your hair and your scalp. Refrain from applying too much shampoo to the length of your hair and focus on the scalp.
  • Emulsify the shampoo and try to cover the whole of your scalp. If one time does not cover it, get more shampoo and repeat the process.
  • Gently massage your scalp with your shampoo for a couple of minutes.
  • Wash your hair with water thoroughly and ensure that all of the shampoo is rinsed from your hair.
  • Apply the conditioner or masque from the same range.

LO’real Xtenso Care Shampoo Side Effects

Friends, if we talk about the side effects of any product, then somewhere we definitely see a FEW side effects of that product.

  • It contains sulfate
  • It is a bit over the budget
  • The effect is not sustainable as few other products have longer-lasting effects.

Where is The Shampoo Available?

The loreal XTenso is available online on Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa as well. The shopping website Purplle also has this shampoo on sale. You can buy it in retail stores as well.

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How to identify original loreal XTenso shampoo?

To identify the original shampoo, you need to look for the official loreal logo on the bottle. You can also look for the seal. If the bottle is sealed, it means it is original and has not been tampered with.

Is loreal professional shampoo good for hair?

The loreal professional shampoo is good for both treated as well as untreated hair as it uses keratin and incell to treat your hair.

What is the difference between loreal XTenso blue and gold?

The loreal XTenso blue shampoo is anti-breakage and hence people who have only had their hair smoothened. However, loreal XTenso gold is sulfate and paraben-free and is for the people who have had smoothening with keratin treatment done on their hair.

Is loreal XTenso sulfate-free?

Loreal XTenso is not sulfate-free. It has a very minuscule amount of sulfate in it which is not harmful.

What is Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology?

Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology is a hair treatment technology used by loreal for better treatment of hair. The keratin is a part of the hair that gets washed down with time. The shampoo helps replenish it, which makes hair stronger and smoother. Incell, on the other hand, is a molecule known to treat the weak parts of the hair and makes it stronger from the inside.

Concluding Thoughts

To summarize the loreal XTenso Keratin shampoo review, we would like to end by stating that the L’Oreal Professionnel XTenso Care Pro-Keratin + Incell Hair Straightening Shampoo is easily one of the best shampoos available on the market. It is economical enough, can make your hair shinier, smoother, and control the frizz.

The Benefits of Pro-Keratin + Incell Technology are one of the main factors of this shampoo and hence loreal XTenso in our opinion is a much better option than many other shampoos with loaded chemicals present in the market.

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