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A Detailed L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow Review

Hello Everyone, today I will share A Detailed L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow Review in 2022.

in this Detailed Review Guide, We have Discovered Several Topics.

  • ingredients.
  • How to Use
  • Product Description, Features.
  • Color, Consistency & Fragrance.
  • Price, Packaging & Shelf Life.
  • Many More.

Let’s Start,

Eyeshadows are an unavoidable makeover essential and without this, you just won’t be able to Your eyes get that magical majestic look and add more to your glam. Traditionally, eyeshadows are applied on eyelids but with time the usage has widened as makeup artists come with different utilities for different make-up products.

So the application of eyeshadow on under eyes, cheeks, or brow bones is now common and popular. Eye shadows do give your eyes more depth and dimension. They complement your eye color, can make your eyes appear larger, and obviously make them look more attractive.

Now eyeshadows are popular among men and women alike.

The usage of eyeshadow dates way back to the predynastic era of Egypt. Eye pains usually made from green minerals, malachite, black minerals, galena, and cosmetic palettes have been found in Egyptian burials.  Eyeshadow has also been very popular during the Victorian era. So we can totally see how eyeshadow has been an important part of makeover throughout history and continues to be as important even today.

Now there are many colors and shades of eyeshadows available, and these come with many types of finish, such as matte, metallic, glossy, gel, etc. Now, this brings us to our main focus today, we will be giving you a detailed review of the new L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow. Keep reading to know everything you need to know.

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L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow: Why Is It Better?

L’oreal is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of cosmetics which keeps adding new varieties of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products. They have been known for their excellence in the industry for a really long time and they grabbed this well-deserved recognition fairly.

Now L’oreal Paris has introduced a range of eyeshadows that surely is different from the rest of the eyeshadows that have been previously introduced by the brand. The secret to good eye make-up lies in the blending of the eyeshadow and that part is very, very important. And what makes these eyeshadows awesome is the blending and pigmentation. This makes your daily eyeshadow routine easier.

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Product Description

The next topic that we are going to talk about Product description of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow.

L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow is a unique eyeshadow and this one is a must-have makeup essential for all the beauty enthusiasts out there. The product is available in a great variety of shades that are suitable for different needs. Here’s more information about the product.

  • Metallic and Matte finish
  • Instant and easy smokey eye makeup look
  • Available in 11 shades
  • Wide range of colors
  • High pigmentation
  • Mistake-proof
  • Dual-ended eyeshadow stick
  • Built-in Kabuki brush
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Easy blending
  • Easy to use

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available Shades

The eyeshadow from L’oreal Paris comes in 11 vibrant, bold funky shades and you can choose yours according to your mood and need. These colors are most appropriate for parties and formal events. You can play with these colors and create your desired looks. All these shades give out a unique vibe and look. The shades that are available are as follows:

  • Antique brass– Metallic finish with light brass shade
  • Almond pink- Comes in a Light baby pink shade and silver shimmers
  • Taupe Lady- Taupe shade and silver shimmers
  • Le Grand Or– Metallic warm gold yellow shade
  • Mocha Coffee– Matte finish and warm coffee brown shade
  • Smoked Red- Plum red color with a matte finish
  • Aurora Sky- Elegant Prussian blue and matte finish
  • Royal Graphite– Pure black shade and matte finish
  • Purple Comoties- A rich purple shade
  • Glamor Khakhi- A unique Metallic pickle green shade
  • Delicate Wood– Comes in a brown shade and golden shimmer

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Shelf Life

L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow has a shelf life of 3 years which assures that you can use it for a really long time and this is also more than the shelf life of other eye shadows that are offered by many other brands in the market.


The L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow has the following ingredients which have been mentioned on its package. So, it can be taken as authentic information as it has been revealed by the company itself.

  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • trimethyl siloxy silicate
  • lauroyl lysine
  • polyethylene
  • ozokerite
  • octyl dodecanol
  • disteardimonium hectorite
  • Cera alba/beeswax
  • stearyl stearate
  • dicalcium phosphate
  • calcium aluminum borosilicate
  • propylene carbonate
  • paraffin
  • silica
  • lecithin
  • aluminum hydroxide
  • aluminum-calcium sodium silicate
  • behenic acid
  • stearic acid
  • tocopherol
  • ascorbyl palmitate
  • synthetic fluorphlogopite
  • tin oxide
  • citric acid
  • bht, [+/- may contain-mica,
  • ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77891 / titanium dioxide,
  • ci 77499 / iron oxides, ci 77742 / manganese violet,
  • ci 77510 / ferric ammonium ferrocyanide, ci 77000 / aluminum powder,
  • ci 77007 / ultramarines, ci 77120 / barium sulfate, 
  • ci 15850 / red 7 lakes, ci 77510 / ferric ferrocyanide,
  • ci 75470 / carmine,
  • ci 42090 / blue 1 lake,
  • ci 19140 / yellow 5 lakes, 
  • ci 77002 / aluminum hydroxide.

All these ingredients have been tested before. However, you are still advised to go for a patch test before applying the L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow to your eyes.

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Uses of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow

Let’s Discuss Uses of the Eyeshadow.

The L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow is used to give your eyes a beautiful and bold look in very few minutes. However, it has more than one utility. Although the eyeshadow is meant to enhance your eye makeup, it can still be used as a blush, lipstick, or highlighter if you choose the right shade for the same. Without the eyeshadow, the makeup look will never be complete which makes it absolutely essential for getting the look.

The eyeshadow can give your eyes a more bold or subtle look, according to your preference, of course.

Features of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow

  • L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow has a really soft and creamy texture and it also smells nice.
  • Be careful while using them as they might easily break due to the soft texture.
  • Glides on really smoothly and takes just a few minutes to settle and gives you the glam look in no time.
  • Easily blends and is easy to use.
  • Transfer-proof, water-proof and smudge-proof
  • Very high pigmentation
  • Great pay-off with just one glide or swipe.
  • True Matte and True Metallic finish.
  • Comes with a Kabuki brush which makes blending easier.
  • Will not lead to premature aging due to tugging.
  • Multi-Functional- Right shade can be used as a highlighter, lipsticks, and blush as well.

The different 11 shades available make this range of eyeshadow even more popular.

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Packaging of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow

The first and foremost thing anyone notices is the packaging.

L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow comes in the form of a sturdy pencil crayon. There is a retractable crayon on one end and the eyeshadow also has a kabuki blending brush on the other side of the tip.

The best part is, that it comes in the form of a retractable crayon so one does not have to worry about sharpening the eyeshadow which results in wasting most of the product. The cute packaging makes the product very travel-friendly and you can carry it around in even small wallets or purses.

L’oréal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow Benefits

Now, Take a look at some benefits of L’oreal Paris Color Le Stylo Eyeshadow Benefits.

  • Wide range of shades available to choose from
  • Iconic matte and metallic shades
  • Very easy to use
  • This product nicely blends
  • The eyeshadow is highly pigmented
  • The eyeshadow stays on for a long time
  • It is transfer-proof
  • Smooth creamy and soft texture
  • Smudge-proof and water-proof
  • Easy to carry and travel-friendly
  • It has multiple uses.

Price of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow

 L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow costs Rs 895 for 1.5 mg which is a little bit costly but it is worth every single penny. The price is not a lot, given all the benefits and goodness it carries with itself.

L’oreal is known to make luxury products, reasonable and professional which makes them really popular among stylists and makeup enthusiasts. These eyeshadows can be easily found both online and offline stores and in many other such markets.

And these eyeshadows are also available in various departmental stores and malls if you want to go and try these on your own and then buy the best shade. These eyeshadows also go on sale and you would be lucky to buy them during this time because you can buy them at a much cheaper price during online sales.

How To Use L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow?

The correct way to use the L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow is as follows:

  • You are advised to do proper skin prep before starting with the makeup.
  • Use the crayon and color the eyelids in the desired way.
  • Use your creativity to come up with unique styles and uses for the eyeshadow.
  • Use the super-soft Kabuki brush to blend the eyeshadow nicely.
  • Give it a few minutes to set.
  • Use proper makeup remover or micellar water to remove the eyeshadow before you sleep.

Pros and Cons of L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow

Now Move on Pros and Cons of these Topics.


  • The eyeshadow has a long shelf life
  • It has a Matte and Metallic finish
  • Transfer-proof and sets within a few minutes
  • It is safe
  • It has a soft Kabuki brush that helps with the perfect blending
  • The L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow is Smudge-proof and Water-proof
  • Cute and travel-friendly packaging.


  • Packaging is not color-coded which makes it difficult to select the shade
  • Not very affordable as the price is high
  • Quantity is less according to the given price, you can afford eyeshadow palettes with multiple colors in the same price range.

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L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow Side Effects

The L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow has no side effects on the skin. It has been carefully made for all skin types but, do make sure to check the ingredients of the eyeshadow so that you will be able to identify any ingredients that could be harmful to your skin.

Especially if you have very sensitive skin then be a little more cautious and you are also suggested to go for a patch test before using it on your eyelids.

There have not been any severe complaints regarding the product by the users but there is information on ingredients on the official website as well as the packaging, so it can be predicted if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients in the eyeshadow. But the patch test before usage is very crucial.

About L’oreal And The Brand It Has Become

L’oreal Paris has been a well-known name in the cosmetic, beauty, and skincare industry and it continues to rule the industry with its amazing products which are loved by professionals and commoners alike.

The company, founded in Paris, hence the name, has now been a major make-up brand. It is now one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies and has branched out its specialization in the field focusing on hair color, skincare, make-up, perfume, sun protection, and hair care.

The company has been there since the 20th century and the company was registered on 31st July 1919. The products from L’Oreal Paris are loved all over the world and their products are found in almost every country.

These products are especially popular in salons and many professionals prefer products from this particular brand which makes it a luxury brand too.

L’Oreal has taken steps toward cruelty-free research by funding research methods that worked on finding alternatives to animal testing of makeup products. They have made their products very safe for various skin types and this is why they have been trusted by so many all over the years.

There have been controversies that surrounded this brand too but none of these were related to their products. It was all due to their staff, shareholders, or brand ambassadors. However, L’Oreal did not establish a huge success in the field of personal hygiene. They have also been charged for false advertising.

The brand still managed to gain back the loyalty of its customers with better products and has still maintained its reputation and position as one of the biggest cosmetic producers in the world. The haircare range is especially loved but the makeup products are not underrated either.

It has been very popular among celebrities too. Many popular faces have been the brand ambassadors of the company. The company itself holds a lot of value and has definitely shaped the makeup industry and has had influence over the same.

Choosing Your L’oreal Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows have become really crucial essentiality for makeup and you will never be able to get the desired dream look without an eyeshadow. While choosing your eyeshadow, keep in mind that:

  • It is important to have proper knowledge about your skin tone and skin type when choosing the perfect shade of eyeshadow for you depending on the occasion.
  • The second thing one needs to keep in mind while choosing an eyeshadow shade is the kind of outfit that you would be wearing. Your eye makeup needs to go with your outfit and other makeup looks to give you the most flawless look. Based on that you can decide on your eye makeup.
  • You can buy the best eyeshadows for yourself offline but if you are confident about what shade would compliment you the best it is better for you to go shopping online because you will get better deals there.
  • Knowing your own skin is the first step to finding a suitable eyeshadow or any cosmetic or skincare product, for that matter.

Final Words

The L’oreal Paris Color Riche Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow is one of the best eyeshadows on the market right now because it is super easy to use and the texture is really smooth and it blends well. What else do we need for the perfect eye makeup? Yes, the Kabuki brush of course.

This brush that comes along with the eyeshadow is the cherry on the top. It helps you get the dream blend. The eyeshadow also comes in the form of a retractable crayon which is super handy and easy to carry around. The eyeshadow is also water-proof and smudge-proof and it stays on for about 9 to 10 hours which is a really long time.

Choosing the right eyeshadow is very important as these will be your best friend during makeovers and you need to be sure that they will not be damaging your skin and the ingredients in them are not harmful to your skin type.

Do thorough research and pick the right shade according to your skin color. Know your style and be particular about the style you want to present yourself in. Keeping all the above points in mind, you need to choose the eyeshadow for you.

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